Biat Group

About us

Biat Group is a biotechnology corporate group formed by subsidiaries and a global commercial structure.Under the corporate umbrella of the group holding (Biotechnology Assets) a global business and commercial network to promote Biobide, ZIP Solutions, and Biat assets.

1) Biobide (Donosti and Boston) is a worldwide leader in the zebrafish (ZF) animal model offering tailor-made toxicity and efficacy testing. ZF gathers together all in one the best features of in-vitro and in-vivo testing.

2) ZIP Solutions (Barcelona) promotes its unique proprietary set of inteins in many high value industrial applications: Click-gene for gene therapy; Click-bio for immunotherapy; Click-Dx for IVD; Click-VLP for smart vaccines; Vacc-Zera for RNA & DNA vaccines; and Click-DSP for affinity-based protein purification.

3) Biat (Jerez de la Frontera). Biotech unique assets for human and animal health.