Solving the challenge of delivering large genes into the patients in Gene Therapy. Proprietary intein-based AAV vector strategy. Proof of principle of efficacy and safety. Non-immunogenics inteins. No need of degron addition. Moreover, it allows virus surface modification to target viral particles to specific tissues.


Tailor-made functionalization of antibodies for immunotherapy. 

Main Features:

  • Site-specific and homogeneous
  • Applications: ADC, protein conjugates, VLP functioning, protein labelling, etc.
  • Compatible with any antibody format: IgG, bispecifics, Fab, nanobodies4 orthogonal pairs of inteins that do not cross react, allowing modification of a protein with several payloads.
  • The original protein sequence is not modified.
  • The inteins do not remain in the final product.


A universal tool that allows to efficiently immobilize any recombinant protein in a controlled, homogenous and convenient orientation, resulting in diagnostic tests showing higher detection sensitivity. Standardise the production processes of IVDs with universal beds and protocols.


  • Universal tool for the manufacture of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits.
  • Homogenous and convenient orientation of detection molecule.​
  • Standardization of manufacturing of IVD kits.
  • Improvement of detection sensitivity.​
  • Reduced cost.
  • Different detection molecules on same kit
  • No modification or mutation on the functional domain of the protein​.
  • Simple, Efficient and Fast.​


Creating superb VLPs for second generation smart vaccines. A simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective universal tool to conjugate VLPs with antigens of any size. It creates a new covalent bond between the structural proteins of the VLP and the antigens of interest, leading to the functionalization of VLPs by antigen display. CLICK VLP improves the possibilities of classical VLPs overcoming the current limits in antigen size. Moreover, it is compatible with antigens produced in any host.​ The CLICK VLP system constitutes a versatile and rapid method to develop highly immunogenic VLP-based vaccines. The CLICK VLP-system may serve as a generic tool for the cost-effective development of effective VLP-vaccines.


VACC-ZERA DNA vaccines combine the advantages of the high performing VACC-ZERA peptide as immune response enhancer with the inherent benefits of DNA vaccines. VACC-ZERA DNA vaccines trigger the generation of antigen microparticles in the vaccinated organism and the high stability of the antigens sustains and amplifies the immune response.


VACC-ZERA technology for vaccine development achieve a very high immune response and bring proven added value to the antigen. 

what is splittera?

ZIP Solutions’ proprietary SPLITTERA technology is an innovative, universal and robust solution for site-specific conjugation of proteins. It is based on 4 orthogonal split-inteins recognized as the fastest and more specific described so far.


SPLIT-INTEINS are internal protein elements that, upon binding with the complementary split-intein, catalyze the linkage of the two flanking sequences

with a peptide bond and are excised from the precursor proteins. Split-inteins are fragmented in two different genes and are transcribed and translated independently (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Split Intein mediated protein ligation

How does SPLITTERA work?

N-int is recombinantly produced as a genetic fusion to the protein of interest. C-Int can be recombinantly produced as genetic fusion to the desired payload or chemically synthesized and covalently bound through any chemistry of choice.


The final product is formed by the specific reaction of the two split-inteins at physiological mild conditions. The payload is covalently bound to the protein through a peptidic bond at the precise site where the intein was placed.