what is Click Car: Technology

Universal Switchable Split-CARs

 A revolutionary approach to chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy, utilizing innovative Split-CAR technology that offers unparalleled versatility and enhanced efficacy. Our proprietary Split-CAR system seamlessly integrates with both allogeneic and autologous T cells, enabling the development of personalized therapies tailored to individual patients.

Generation of a CAR-T cell with split-inteins

  • T-Cell expresses intracellular signaling domains in fusion to IntC, which is exposed on the cell surface.
  • Tumor-specific targeting ligand (scFv or other) is produced in fusion to IntN.
  • Specific intein reaction (trans-splicing reaction) occurs when IntC and IntN are put together, both in vitro or in vivo, generating a new peptide bond between the intracellular signaling domain and the targeting ligand, which remains on the cell surface.


Multi-Target CLICK-CAR

Elevating CAR T-cell therapy to new heights, our Multi-Target Split-CARs effectively combat multiple tumor targets simultaneously, maximizing therapeutic impact while minimizing tumor escape. This multi-pronged approach ensures comprehensive tumor eradication and enhances treatment outcomes.

Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) Mitigation

Recognizing the potential for CRS, a serious side effect associated with CAR T-cell therapy, we have developed strategies to mitigate its occurrence. Our Split-CAR platform incorporates unique features that minimize CRS, providing patients with a safer and more tolerable treatment experience.

Harnessing the Power of Split-CARs

Our Split-CAR technology represents a transformative advance in CAR T-cell therapy, offering a multitude of advantages for patients battling cancer. With its universal applicability, multi-target capabilities, and CRS mitigation strategies, Split-CARs hold immense promise for revolutionizing cancer treatment and improving patient outcomes.

CLICK CAR technology is applicable and adaptable to any type of immunotherapy and is currently being explored for use with NK cells, TILs, dentritic cells…

Advantages of Click-CAR

The CAR of interest is produced as two independent moieties, both fused to a complementary split intein. Upon specific intein reaction, the full length CAR will be constituted, ex vivo or in vivo.


  • CONTROLLABLE & on/off SWITCHABLE: Click-CAR allows to have safer CAR-cells systems and minimize CRS episodes. Administering the targeting ligand independently of CAR-T cells permits to generate on-demand T-cell activity, reducing undesired effects or toxicity. CAR-T activity is switched off by ceasing administration of the targeting ligand. CAR-T can be directed to an array of different tumor antigens.
  • MULTI-ANTIGEN: Possibility to expose up to 4 different antigen-targeting moieties (4 independent pairs of orthologous split-inteins), increasing specificity and second line of action to reduce tumor scape and relapse. 
  • OFF-THE-SHELF and STANDARD MANUFACTURING: Click-CAR can be used with autologous and with allogeneic cells exposing split-inteins, ready to undergo standard trans-splicing reaction with any targeting element of choice (functionalization a la carte), in-vivo or ex-vivo . In case of allogenic cells, Click-CAR represents a stock of Off-the-Shelf ready-to-use cell.