Accelerate Drug Development Safely: The Power of Dose Range Finding and Zebrafish in Preclinical Research

Discover how the Dose Range Finding (DRF) assay and zebrafish as an alternative model are revolutionizing preclinical research. Learn how DRF determines compound tolerability levels and why zebrafish, with their genetic similarity to humans, transparency, and cost-effectiveness, are invaluable in toxicity screening. Find out how this approach saves time and costs in early drug discovery while ensuring drug safety. Speed up your research with zebrafish and unlock the potential of faster, safer drug development.

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In Vivo vs In Vitro: Advantages of Zebrafish Models

The drug discovery process is a lengthy and expensive endeavor that can take up to a decade or more and cost upwards of $1 billion. In order to develop effective drugs, researchers use preclinical trials to identify specific molecules (Lead Candidates) that possess the necessary

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